Cornerstone Christian Church
Cornerstone Christian Church
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Who are we and what do we believe?
We are...   Independant.    Baptist.    Reformed.

Meaning that we are a self governed church. We are not connected to any denomination or other organization.

Meaning that we believe in adult baptism by full immersion. 

Meaning that  we believe (as the Scripture teaches) that "Salvation is of the Lord". Fallen human beings do not possess the  moral ability to aid God  in saving them and are therefore completely helpless and in need of God's mercy. We are in need of rescue. We do not contribute to our rescue in the least. Even the very ability to believe upon Christ (which is  absolutely necessary  to be saved)  is a gift  of God to His elect, not because of any merit found in them but because of God’s grace. So then from  first  to last, salvation is God’s work for us, not  a work  of cooperation with us. Salvation is not resting ultimately on a human decision but on God’s decision. Salvation is not  depending  upon   something that you must give to God but rather upon something that God graciously gives to you...Something you did not have.

Sola Scriptura
Scripture Alone

Solus Christus
Christ Alone

Sola Gratia
Grace Alone

Sola Fide
Faith Alone

Soli Deo Gloria
 The Glory of God Alone